The LIDIC hackathon: LInked Data Innovation Challenge

Presenter Bio: 
Lisa Lix

Professor, Biostatistics; Director, Data Science Platform, George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, University of Manitoba

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Brief description: 

Participants will engage in a team-based analysis of a complex, linked, simulated dataset provided by Statistics Canada and present their analysis results at the conference in a Rapid-Fire Poster Session. An expert panel of judges will evaluate each team’s submission. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  1. Best Use of Data
  2. Best Visualization
  3. Best Overall Analysis

Hackathon guidelines and evaluative criteria for participants are now available. Some advance preparation is expected of participants, to learn about the data, and conduct preliminary preliminary analyses. In the four-hour on-site session, participants will: (a) share their ideas, (b) choose one analysis to present, and (c) prepare a rapid-fire poster that identifies the objective(s), analysis results, and interpretation of findings.


1. To encourage innovative thinking about complex linked databases
2. To stimulate interdisciplinary and inter-jurisdictional data collaborations
3. To facilitate an environment for creative thinking about data
4. To promote networking amongst participants.