2018 IPDLN Conference – Science Slam

The 2018 International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN) Conference hosted the “2018 IPDLN Science Slam”, an opportunity for presenters to share their research to a diverse audience in an entertaining way.

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Science Slam Presentations

Title: Mr. Parkinson or Parkinson’s, the disease?
Presenter: Mahmoud Azimaee – ICES
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Title: A proposed IPDLN 2020 keynote address
Presenters: Elliot Martin and Adam D’Souza – O’Brien Institute for Public Health
Title: How to journal: a view from the inside
Presenter: Dr. Kerina Jones – Swansea University
Title: The bizarre and wonderful world of ICD coding
Presenters: William Ghali, Hude Quan, Danielle Southern, Alyssa Lam and Cathy Eastwood – O’Brien Institute for Public Health
Title: Linkage to patients’ medical history risk factors for PCI mortality and readmission indicators 
Presenter: Chantal Couris – CIHI
Title: “Shhh” or “Tell the world” – one family’s experience with genetic test results
Presenters: Alison Paprica – Vector Institute