The Network role

The International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN) facilitates communication between centres that specialise in data linkage and users of the linked data. The Network provides a space for discussion, exchange of ideas, and learning within the common interest of data linkage for the betterment of population data linkage research.

Benefits of membership:

  • Automatic registration to our quarterly newsletter: In addition to staying up to date with news about the next IPDLN Conference, our newsletter offers members the chance to share news about their latest research, online training courses or workshop, online events, and offers a direct line to the IPDLN team for questions and feedback.
  • Opportunities for collaboration: We host a space for Special Interest Groups* to feed the appetite for collaboration across the Network. Run by members of the Network, our special interest groups offer an exclusive space for our members to exchange ideas and form partnerships.
  • Membership is easy: The Network is open to anyone with an interest in data research and membership is free.


If you wish to update your member information, please get in touch at


Become a member - please complete the online form.

*Special Interest Groups (SIGs): These are groups run by members of the IPDLN and provide a space for members with multiple overlapping interests to network and collaborate on a more intimate scale. They operate autonomously with little interference from the host institution running the IPDLN (outside of providing basic technical or administrative support and hosting these groups on the IPDLN website). If you wish to create a SIG please get in touch at We will aim to respond in 7 working days.

For a full list of IPDLN members go to the Member Directory.


If you no longer wish to be a member of the Network please let us know by emailing