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27 July 2020

IPDLN and IJPDS Formalise Alliance: Two Leading Population Data Science Entities Formally Linked Through MOU Signing

The International Population Data Linkage Network (IPDLN) and the International Journal of Population Data Science (IJPDS) are proud to announce their alliance with the signing of their first formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The IPDLN current Directorship is located in Perth, Australia, and the IJPDS located in Swansea, Wales, have cemented their partnership with an inaugural signing of the very first MOU.

Both parties have now formalised their shared commitment to the advancement of the field of Population Data Science and to working together to raise awareness on an international stage. The move is an endorsement of the growth in importance of the use of person-based data and data linkage techniques to positively impact and improve the lives of people and populations globally.

Director of the IPDLN, Dr Merran Smith, the University of Western Australia, said “The Memorandum of Understanding between the IPDLN and IJPDS formalises a long standing strategic partnership which has at its core the pursuit of the science related to population data. The IPDLN Executive Committee and I are very excited to strengthen and formalise our connection to IJPDS which will include reciprocal representation on the IJPDS Editorial Board and the IPDLN Executive Committee. The MOU identifies and documents the important relationship that IPDLN has with IJPDS.  We look forward to ongoing collaborations with IJPDS to support the further growth of population data science.”

The terms of the MOU clarify the nature of the relationship between the already established strategic partners, an alliance that works in concordance to promote safe, effective and quality data linkage for public good. Its significance is welcomed and acknowledged on both sides of the world:

‘‘I’m delighted that we have this agreement in place to consolidate our joint working arrangements,” says IJPDS Editor-in-Chief, Professor Kerina Jones, Swansea University, Wales. “I very much welcome the greater collaborative opportunities opening up for Population Data Science across the world through the work of IJPDS and the IPDLN."


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