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Half-day and full-day workshops take place on September 15th, 16th, and 19th and will feature interactive programming that complements the conference themes. The Schedule will be shared as soon as it’s available.
The ARC Life Course Center International Data for Policy Workshop
Communicating for Impact: Finding the Story in Your Research
Constantly Changing, Constantly Adapting: Lives and Life-course Data of Children and Childhood Social Care
Data Linking Practice in Selected Data Systems of USA DHS and DOJ
Developing Public Engagement Strategies for Administrative Data Research Studies
Drifts and Shifts: Monitoring Changes in the Social License for Research Using Health Data
Estimating Correlations and Causal Relationships with Linked Data Sources
Ethics, Data Governance, Knowledge Production, and Public Engagement in Population Data Science: The Brazilian Experience
Exploring Data Linkage Methods Using Large-Scale Simulated Data
An Introduction to Data Visualization: Communicating Data with Efficacy and Elegance
Leveraging Full Count Census Data through Record Linkage
Live Research Dialogue on the Benefits, Costs, and Utility of Synthetic Data for Researchers
Opportunities for Cross-Country Comparisons of Linked Administrative Education and Health Data
Synthetic Data, Common Data Models and Federation: Holy Trinity or unholy mess?
Turning Research Ideas into Reality: A Guide to Developing a Simulated Research Protocol using Administrative Data