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Call for 2025-2026 IPDLN Directorship Now Open

The conference participants applaud enthusiastically

IPDLN is seeking nominations for individuals interested in running for the new Director of the network for calendar years 2025 and 2026. The Director must be a member of the IPDLN. Become a member here.

The Director and their host institution will be responsible for the planning and delivery of the 2026 IPDLN Conference. They will also chair the IPDLN Executive Committee and lead strategic direction of the network. On completion of their term, they will continue membership of the Executive Committee for another two-year term.

The Role Statement for the new Director nominations can be found here. The election of the new Director will take place virtually and the winner will be announced during the 2024 IPDLN Conference.

Why you should consider running

The next Director and Executive Committee will build on previous network accomplishments and continue to expand the reach of IPDLN. The 2023-2024 Executive Committee:

  • Increased membership in terms of number of members and number of countries represented.
  • Attracted more than 500 abstracts submissions for the 2024 conference.
  • Expanded visibility of the Network by bringing the IPDLN Conference to the United States for the first time and introducing new researchers and practitioners to our data linkage community.

The next Director(s) have the opportunity to help shape the future of the network and build on the accomplishments of the previous Executive Committees.

Application Requirements

Each applicant must submit:

  1. An outline of the proposed two-year plan for the IPDLN with key deliverables. Consider including a statement that describes the applicant’s qualifications, vision for IPDLN, and any background information about why the applicant is applying
  2. An outline of the plan, including venue location, for the 2026 Conference
  3. A description of the applicant’s institution
  4. Biographies of key staff that would be part of the IPDLN team, including the proposed Director(s)

Applications should be no longer than two pages, size 12 font and submitted in PDF format.

All expressions of interest must be sent to info@ipdln.org by July 15, 2024.